Dataseam Summertime Teacher Photo Project


Let's put to use what we learned about story telling and focus on our photographic skills, while at the same time enjoying our summer vacations and sharing with our friends and families.

With "The Dataseam Summertime Teacher Photo Project" we would like to create an online photo gallery, a “Best Of The Best” poster, and maybe even some prints, postcards and/or a calendar. The sky is the limit! All for you!

This will be easy. While you are enjoying your summer vacation keep your camera handy. Photograph those things you enjoy the most. Be sure to use all of those photographic skills you have acquired and tell your story. You might want to cover; summer vacation, planting a garden, a summer party, summer foods, hobby time, home improvement, starting a business, in the kitchen, etc..

Be creative!

Summer is a time for

relaxation and fun

Students and teachers alike cannot wait for the long steamy days of summer to enjoy some laid back time with little to do but relax. Educators know that students have a tendency to let some of their hard earned knowledge get away during summer vacation. As professionals in the classroom we recognize that the traditional summer break has the potential to set back the learning process and require extensive review when the next school year begins.

Keeping the young minds engaged in learning or in "maintenance mode" while on summer vacation is a valuable educational concept. Let's explore this concept ourselves and discover techniques to add to our professional tool kit for the future.

You can submit your summertime photos to Dataseam as follows:

Submit as many as you want!

Submission Deadline:

August 1, 2012

Title Of Project: My Summer Story

Date Material Was Created: Summer 2012

Created By: Your Name

School: Your School

District: Your District

Submit your photos under Main Video/Picture for project

Short Description: The caption for your photo

Long Description: Tell us your story

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We have an idea to enhance your relaxation with something you can enjoy!

To give us an idea of the number of people who are interested in submitting to this project, just send me an email at: to let me know of you would like to participate.

Sabrina Back, Morgan County -  “What’s Under The Hood”

Jessica Bowling, Jackson Independent-  “Waiting”

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