My Mamaw loved animals and they were a source of therapy for her during her cancer.  This is her and Bruiser!

My Mamaw was often depressed during Chemo Therapy.  A family member sent this bear to her and called it her "Love Bear" to show that the family was behind her and praying for her.  She would hold this bear when she felt sad.

This is the banner we made for my Mamaw when she got to come home to Kentucky after her Chemo Therapy was over.

Mamaw just before her her first chemo treatment.  Notice her face - she had mass close to her spine which pinched a nerve that made her face droop.  This is me and my brother Keaton.  We were with her the whole time during her treatments!

My Aunt Patty would take Mamaw for rides in her convertible.  This help Mamaw get out of the house during her chemo.  She wasn't allowed to go many places because she would get sick.  Notice her Chemo port in her arm!

Animals can sense when something is wrong.  This is Ginger - a Great Dane that would not leave my Mamaw's side when she felt bad or was crying.