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Somerset, KY – Area teachers participated in the Dataseam Teacher Track of the 2011 Western Kentucky University Mountain Workshops where they learned from professional photographers from across the country.

Eleven teachers joined over 70 professional and college student participants, 30 support staff and 24 professional journalism coaches in the workshop produced by Western Kentucky University’s School of Photojournalism.  The teachers spent most of the five days working with journalist from national media outlets like National Public Radio, Time, The Los Angeles Times and National Geographic Magazine learning to create dynamic photos that tell a story.

Many of the teachers were eager to implement what they had learned in their yearbook, newspaper and broadcast classes.  Others were thinking of ways to improve their English, Art and even Kindergarten classrooms with these digital tools.

Teacher participants in the

2011 WKU Mountain Workshop

from left to right

G. Henry Hunt-Dataseam, Sabrina Back-Morgan County, James Kenney-WKU, Amy Hollan-Jackson Ind, Tori Schneider-Hancock, Chri Arrowood-Jackson Ind, Jessica Bowling-Jackson Ind, Beth Travis-Muhlenberg County, Jane Cambron Middlesboro Ind, Kathye Greene-Middlesboro Ind, Kim Spear-Muhlenberg County, Emily Sherman-Muhlenberg County, Missy Murray-Fairview Ind and Randy Evans-Dataseam.

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World Class Photographers

“If all you are going to study is writing, you won't be able to compete with me. 
I am going to use photos, sounds, video, graphics, words, etc.. 
Doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, everyone is using multimedia for communications. 
We all are, in effect, journalists now.

Story telling skills are where it is at.”