Comments About

The Mountain Workshop 2011


It was rewarding to see the progress that these teachers made during the workshop. Now they can take these skills into the classroom to help our students communicate better with the type of tools and impact available in today’s information society.

G. Henry Hunt, Dataseam’s COO

It was one of the most intensive workshops I have attended.  The insight I gained from working with award-winning photojournalists will prove invaluable in my classroom. “I appreciate Dataseam’s efforts to keep teachers inspired and encouraged to integrate technology with students.  It’s not just about the computers they supply to school districts. It is obvious that this company truly cares about education.  They often offer opportunities for teacher training, and their website is a continually-updated resource for ideas about emerging technology.

Sabrina Back, Morgan County Schools

The mountain workshop experience was one of the best professional opportunities I've had.  Not only were we afforded the chance to work with some of the most talented journalists in the business, we were given the opportunity to look past what most people take for granted and look for the important details and angles not always as obvious.  This was accomplished through photography and a "fresh" perspective of the journalist coaches.  The mountain workshop was a great way for me to redefine myself as both a woman and a classroom teacher.

Missy Murray, Fairview Independent School

It was the toughest workshop I have ever attended, but the most rewarding.  Award winning people in the world of journalism took the time to sit with us, work with us, and make sure we gained as much knowledge as we could.  It was incredible. Other than time with my family, it was one of the best weeks of my life.”

Jane Cambron, Middlesboro Independent Schools

Being invited to attend this workshop was not just an honor but a world-class opportunity for us. We knew it would be one of the most demanding workshops of our careers, but we also knew it would be one of the most rewarding as well, and we weren't disappointed. We were taught the art of storytelling and photography from the best journalists in the nation, who graciously took the time - day and night - to work with us in order for us to pass those lessons on to our students. It was both incredible and humbling.

Emily Sherman, Muhlenberg County Schools

It was a fast paced and extremely challenging workshop, but the skills and knowledge obtained from it will pay huge dividends in the work that I do with students.

Tori Schneider, Hancock County Schools