Journey Stories


Opening on October 20, 2011, the Kentucky Folk Art Center at MSU will present Journey Stories from the Smithsonian Institution's Museum on Main Street Program.  This exhibition examines how journey and travel have impacted the development of the American nation. From the westward expansion of pioneers, to slavery's "middle passage," to the building of interstate highway system, America has always been about people moving from one place to another.

In conjunction with this exhibition, we invite you to work with your students to collect their own "journey stories."  Students should write a narrative personal essay recounting an important journey that they or members of their family took.  For instance, a student might recount a memorable family vacation or time spent with a distant relative.  They should examine why these journeys were important to them and how it changed their lives.  If a student does not have a journey story of their own to share, they can use a story from a relative or neighbor.  For instance, did a grandfather serve in the military overseas, or did a family friend immigrate from another country?

Digital presentations are encouraged, if resources are available.  Your students may decide to create a movie that can be uploaded to the Dataseam website.  Participating students' work will be made available to the public at KFAC during the Journey Stories exhibition and copies will be kept in the KFAC Archive.

        We encourage you to visit My Cancer Story Video and Photo Essay Project for guidelines and rubrics that will assist you as you work with your students at , and Essays from the WKU Mountain Workshop at .


Project Dates

All submissions must be uploaded to the Dataseam website no later than   October 1st,  2011.

Video Essay Rubric

Audio Essay Rubric

Core Content Addressed


Video Essay Entries

    A video podcast might include a video or video slide show of photos with narration.

Audio Essay Entries

    An audio podcast of the student telling their “Journey Story”.

How To Submit Audio and/or video podcasts

Video/Audio Essay Entries

If using iMovie export your video/slideshow using QuickTime. Please follow all the settings found on the help page for your QuickTime export. The file size should be less than 50 meg. Compressed for video streaming.

If using GarageBand export your audio to disk as an MP3 file.

Name your QuickTime video or audio file “school-student”  where school is your school name, and student is the students name. (See help page)

The video/audio for each participating student will be submitted in two steps:

  1. 1. Complete the submission form here:   Submissions Form.

  2. 2.Submit the entry at: DataseamStudio submissions page. Use the main video/picture for project area to submit your video files and the audio for project area to submit your audio files. Be sure to click on submit after you upload your files! (See help Page)

NOTE: If you have never submitted an entry to the DataseamStudio before, you will have to register a new membership first. (See help page)

Please contact Rebecca Roach at for more information.

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