Entrance 8 greets Mr. Corbin as he begins his day two hours before entrance 1 greets the students.

Answers to yesterday's Spanish test wipe away as Mr. Corbin cleans the desks .

After a busy afternoon in the kitchen, Mr. Corbin fills the last bag with food as Mary Chapman rests.

The glue worked.  Mr. Corbin looks over the desk he assembled for the director of the new performing arts center.

Mr. Corbin and Donnie Newcom look for a place in the warehouse to store equipment from the school's woodshop.

Mr. Corbin's day is not done.  As he grabs his jacket and hat off the rack in the custodial office, he heads to volunteer at a local church.

The buzz of machines fill Mr. Corbin's stained glass workshop as he and Tracy Noffsinger inspect a piece of glass.