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Photo Essays

Your photo essay should contain 5-7 photos illustrating your story. A caption must be written for each photo.

Your photo essay also needs to contain a paragraph (80-120 words) that compliments your photos and gives your readers further understanding of your subject.

All photos must be original and produced by the contestant.

Judging Criteria

Judging criteria and rubrics are available for reference.

Photo Essay Rubric

Here Is How You Submit

Photo Essay Entries

Using iPhoto, put the photo caption in as a description, and the photographer’s name and school name in under keywords.

Export the photos to a folder named "school-photographer" where school is your school name, and photographer is the photographer’s name. Export settings should be: kind-jpeg, jpeg quality-high, include title and keywords, size-full size, filename-use filename.

The photographer will write their story and save it in the same folder with the photos.  Word format .doc or text format .txt will be fine.

Compress the folder to create a zip archive which will be named "school name-photographer name".  (See help page)

An archive for each participating photographer will be submitted in two steps:

  1. 1. Complete the submission form here:   Submissions Form.

  2. 2.Submit the entry at: DataseamStudio submissions page.  Use the additional file for project area to submit your .zip files. Be sure to click on submit after you upload your files! (See help Page)

NOTE: If you have never submitted an entry to the DataseamStudio before, you will have to register a new membership first. (See help page)

All submissions are due at midnight Monday Dec. 9, 2011

Each essay will be published on this site.

Contact project coordinator with questions:

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Student photo essay project

Project Dates:

Project Announcement: Monday November 7, 2011

Submission Open:   8:00 am Nov. 7 thru 12:00 midnight Dec. 9,  2011

Judging:  Dec. 12 - Dec. 16

Announcement of winners:  Friday Dec. 16, 2011

Fill out the Submissions form at: Submissions Form

Submit your entry at: DataseamStudio submissions page

Who Can Enter:  The project is open to students of all participating Dataseam school districts.

We are offering three entry levels:

Grades K-3        

Grades 4-8

Grades 9-12

Photo Essay containing still photos with captions and a short essay.  Five to seven still photos, black and white or color. Each photo must have a caption to be considered. A short essay of  80-120 words will be written.


Grades K-3

1st place wins an iPad 2

2nd place wins a $20 iTunes card

3rd place wins a $10 iTunes card

Grades 4-8

1st place wins an iPad 2

2nd place wins a $20 iTunes card

3rd place wins a $10 iTunes card

Grades 9-12

1st place wins an iPad 2

2nd place wins a $20 iTunes card

3rd place wins a $10 iTunes card

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